A New Year, a New Beginning….for Young Adult Women

As the ball dropped and 2013 rang in I’m sure some of you began to make New Year’s resolutions with all intent to keep them this time. This year I would like to challenge you to put your list aside and focus on three simple goals rather than resolutions. It’s easier and less stressful when you set a goal for yourself because it gives you something to strive for on a regular basis that eventually becomes a lifestyle rather than a habit.

The first goal that I challenge you to achieve is to build a better relationship with God. I understand that your life is full of activities and there never seems to be enough time in the day, but we each need to be mindful that it is God that blesses us with each new day of life. It is important that we set aside intentional time to spend with God: through reading the Bible, praying, or meditation. In building a better relationship with God it’s also important that you attend regular church services and become active in the different ministry opportunities that are offered. If there isn’t a young adult women’s ministries at your local church consider starting one so that other young adult women may become connected through God.

The second goal that I challenge you to achieve is to find time for yourself. As young adult women we often wear multiple hats, such as daughter, wife, and mother, and there never seems to be enough time in the day to complete everything that needs to be done for the other significant people in our lives. If we want to be healthy we must begin to take time out to renew ourselves daily. This task may be accomplished by waking up thirty minutes earlier while the house is silent, or by taking a nice long walk on your lunch break alone, or possibly by ending each day by journaling your thoughts. Each person’s individual time will look unique to her, but the important element is that it is your time to search within yourself and renew who you are as a young adult woman.

The third goal that I challenge you to achieve is to become more active in your community. Are you connected with other American Baptist young adult women? If the answer is no, then it is important that you begin to connect with other American Baptist young adult women in your local area as well as in your region. In order to build a stronger American Baptist Young Adult Women’s Ministry it’s very important to connect and grow together as well as invite other young adult women to share and grow with us.*

I again challenge every young adult woman to look at 2013 as a new beginning with the opportunity to set achievable goals that will enrich her life both spiritually and emotionally. I’m looking for God to do great things with the American Baptist Young Adult Women’s Ministries.


*Unsure who are among the American Baptist young adult women are near you? Check out our Facebook page and make connections with others in your community and across the U.S. and Puerto Rico!

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