• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)

    ABWM is hiring!

    American Baptist Women's Ministries is hiring!
    Executive Director position now open! Apply here!

    American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM) is a Christ-centered ministry with a commitment to encourage and empower women and girls to serve God. Our vision is for every American Baptist church to have a vital women's ministry program that empowers women and girls to become and develop as God's person, build God's faith community, and serve God's world.

    As servant leaders, we serve American Baptist churches by encouraging existing vital ministries with women and girls and empowering churches to build such ministries.

    ABWM is based on certain non-negotiable values that form a foundation and criteria for all that we do. We provide Christ-centered ministries and we strive for excellence in all we do. We practice faithful stewardship and we are relevant for women today. We assure that our diversity (clergy/lay, age, geographic, and racial/ethnic representation) as a denomination is represented in our ministries; and we affirm and encourage the use of spiritual gifts. We recognize the worth of all women and girls and value our American Baptist family relationships.

    The AB Women’s Ministries Executive Director Position

    The Executive Director casts a compelling vision for the organization’s ministries with women and girls. She is responsible to the organization’s national board for all operations and ministries of the national organization. She staffs the national board of the organization; supervises ABWM personnel and ABWM national office functions; provides oversight and vision for the organization’s internal operations and its ministries; directs fundraising and development efforts; and represents the organization denominationally as well as ecumenically in order to further the mission of the organization.

    The Executive Director is a member of the denomination’s National Executive Council, National Leadership Council, and Mission Table. The Executive Director is staff liaison for the ABC Women’s Caucus, a member of Church Women United’s Common Council, and a member of the North American Baptist Women’s Union Executive Board.

    The Executive Director shall fulfill all the duties prescribed by the bylaws of the organization and will be responsible to the ABWM Board and Executive Committee.
    Ideal candidates will possess the following competencies, skills, experiences and qualifications:

    Competencies and Skills
    • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to communicate a vision in an inclusive, agreeable, and compelling manner across multiple cultures
    • Christ-centered mind and heart: able to cultivate and nurture relationships across diverse theological and cultural perspectives
    • Excellent listening skills and ability to facilitate consensus
    • Excellent communication skills and an ability to lead organization into the future by creating programs and pathways for women and girls
    • Excellent public speaking and teaching skills and demonstrable ability to communicate organization’s mission and vision and programs
    • Ability to encourage and empower organization’s leaders (staff, board, national coordinators, and volunteers) to lead in one accord
    • Work diligently in nurturing and developing leadership for the future
    • Ensure the financial viability of the organization.
    • Effectively lead and motivate staff, board, and committees to meet the mission and programs of the organization
    • Ability to navigate, and interpret to others, complex denominational and organizational structures.

    Experience and Qualifications
    • Member, in good standing, of an ABCUSA member church
    • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university, or equivalent work experience
    • A minimum 7 years of leadership experience in a nonprofit organization
    • Professional work and leadership experience in an American Baptist organization preferred
    • Familiarity with ABCUSA denominational structure, partner organizations and polity
    • Experience leading and supervising professional staff and volunteers
    • Demonstrable experience of successful fundraising initiatives/capital fund campaigns
    • Commitment to Baptist principles and ABWM core values
    • Aptitude and willingness to learn Spanish
    • Willingness to relocate to Valley Forge area preferred
    • Ability to travel.

    American Baptist Women’s Ministries is located in Valley Forge, Penn. Salary is competitive and includes benefits include retirement, health insurance, and generous paid time off.

    Deadline to submit application is July 31, 2017.

    To apply you will need to provide a Cover Letter, Current Resumé along with three (3) professional references.

    Po Box 851 · Valley Forge, PA · 19482-0851
    (610) 768-2288 · Fax: (610) 768-2286 · info@abwministries.org