• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)
  • 65th Anniversary

    American Baptist Women's Ministries celebrates 65 years! From its beginnings in 1951, AB Women's Ministries has led American Baptists in ministries for girls and women of all ages.

    Relationships are at the heart of AB Women's Ministries . . . Christ-centered friendships among girls and women that span the U.S. and Puerto Rico and extend across the world . . . transformational relationships!
    Leadership development has empowered women and girls for more than six decades. Women serving as pastors and leaders in their churches, regions, and nationally, often attribute to AB Women's Ministries their early leadership training and support.
    Mission is the heart-beat of AB Women's Ministries. Women and girls work side-by-side doing the mission of Jesus Christ, and helping to support the wider mission of American Baptists, too!
    Gift American Baptist Women's Ministries with a $65 anniversary donation for 65 memorable years of ministry with women and girls.

    To give by credit card:  To give your tax-deductible gift online with your credit card, click on the donate button below.  

    To give by check:  Send your tax-deductible gift by check payable to American Baptist Women's Ministries, marked as "65th Anniversary gift", P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851.

    The 65th Anniversary Logo
    The traditional gift for a 65th anniversary is a star sapphire. The purple star sapphire has been chosen by the public relations team of AB Women’s Ministries to symbolize the AB Women’s Ministries 65th anniversary. Sapphires are mentioned twelve times in the Bible. The star sapphire traditionally symbolizes hope, faith, and destiny. The color purple is the signature color of AB Women’s Ministries. Click here to download logo.

    Want to celebrate the 65th anniversary in your congregation or region? Download the free packet of 65th anniversary resources here.

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