• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)
  • Women and Girls Mission Fund Grants

    AB Women's Ministries used Women and Girls Mission contributions in the following ways:

    • Providing health and wellness services to homeless women living at Mt. Hope Sanctuary (Kansas). Specifically, the grant has funded a resident’s participation in group support meetings for addiction recovery at a community mental health center; supplies for random alcohol use screenings (Mt. Hope has zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use by residents); out-of-pocket costs for a resident’s eye doctor appointment and new prescription eye glasses; and probiotic vitamins for a resident’s three preschool-age children.
    • Enabled a Syrian Christian woman to prepare for a ministry of evangelism; the grant provided for her tuition/books/room/board at an Arab-speaking Baptist seminary in the Middle East.
    • Funded a new “R & R for Girls” ministry that teaches Respect and Responsibility and self-sufficiency for future success, through the Cameron Community Ministries Christian Center (New York).
    • Supporting a women’s sustainable vegetable and fruit farming project in Kenya that is economically empowering 72 very poor women to generate an income for their families.  The grant has funded the purchase of tools and equipment and agricultural training for these women. The project is managed by a dedicated team of 11 volunteer women.
    • Brought three young women to Washington D.C. in July 2016 for experiential training in Christian leadership, women’s ministry development, and networking opportunities.

    • Assisted women and their families displaced from their homes and villages in Kachin State in northern Myanmar. Civil war between the Kachin people and the Burma military exceeds 60 years of strife and violence. In December 2013, American Baptist women traveling on AB Women’s Ministries Mission Encounter to Myanmar and Thailand met with Kachin Baptist leaders of women’s ministries and learned of the horrors of burned homes and churches, of rapes and murders, of separations of families. The next month AB Women’s Ministries wired a $5,000 grant to the Kachin Baptist women, but the funds were halted by the U.S. Treasury Department, which required several rounds of paperwork. The grant transmission became hopelessly tied up in red tape. A year later, AB Women’s Ministries successfully recovered the funds, and by God’s grace the $5,000 was hand delivered in May 2015 to the office of the Kachin Baptist Convention in Myanmar, and thereupon was presented to the Kachin women in need. Kachin Women Ministry Director Ja Ing sent a heartfelt letter of thanks, noting that some of the funding provided supplies for 31 young ladies to learn an income-producing skill—how to sew—at their Baptist Association’s Women Empowerment Training Center. She wrote, “We believe that your love and praying for us will be as a pleasant and precious offering before God.” Plans have been made for Ja Ing to attend AB Women’s Ministries national 3D event at Washington D.C. in July 2016.
    • Providing assistance to women in Haiti two-fold: 1) a portion of the grant is supplying micro loans to women motivated to begin their own business. Whether selling soaps and cleansers from a wheelbarrow shaded by an umbrella at the open market, or operating a wholesale grains shop, these women are forging a better life for themselves and their families. What’s a mother likely to do with an income? She assures that her children get an education, and she’s able to feed her family. Children benefit when a woman earns a living wage. 2) The other portion of the grant was tagged for transportation needs for Baptist women across the country of Haiti to gather together for a leadership training event. International Ministries missionary Kihomi Mgwemi is coordinating the use of the grant.
    • Provided a stipend in 2015 for Chanta Barrett, AB Women’s Ministries intern, to gain experience in women’s ministries. Chanta is a student at Palmer Theological Seminary and her internship with us fulfilled the seminary curriculum requirement for a field education experience. A resident of Philadelphia and a member at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Chanta’s internship helped her pursue two interest areas: women’s ministries and urban ministries.
    • Paid for lodging at the Methodist Presbyterian Hostal in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, for AB Women’s Ministries President Patti Stratton to participate as an invited guest at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Women’s Department of the Congo Baptist Churches of the West (CBCO) in August 2015. There Patti witnessed the helpfulness of White Cross supplies and she visited the Mitendi Center school/training center for girls and young women. The privacy wall bordering the Mitendi Center property had been funded by several Region ABWMs and is now completed.
    • Unspent funds from the Women and Girls Mission Fund was set aside at the end of December 2015, and is on hold for use in 2016 for grants and Women and Girls Mission Projects.

    • providing funds to the women’s department of the Baptist Convention of Haiti for micro-loans to women to begin small businesses, and also funds to provide transportation for local church women in Haiti to attend a leadership training event in Haiti;
    • enabling two staff members from the New Life Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a staff member at Miqlat Ministry in Nagaland to travel to Wisconsin in May, 2014, and participate in the International Coalition Against Prostitution global conference hosted at Green Lake Conference Center by International Ministries missionary Lauran Bethell;
    • offering to each of the 31 AB Women’s Ministries’ region/state organizations a $1,000 grant to use to develop leaders for their ministries with women and girls (24 region organizations each requested a $1,000 grant in 2014);
    • partnering with Bread for the World Institute to provide funding to help produce and distribute its 2015 Hunger Report, "When Women Flourish...We Can End Hunger";
    • providing a stipend to our 2014-15 seminary intern for her work during the first semester of her  Theological Field Education requirement for her M.Div.from Palmer Theological Seminary;
    • funding the AB GIRLS ministry: providing resources, events, leadership development, and programmatic support to AB GIRLS groups and their leaders. Our AB GIRLS National Leadership Team also received needed funding for NLT meetings, a mission work week in New Orleans, and as co-planners/leaders at our 2014 Intergenerational Retreat.  
    • Gifting International Ministries and the American Baptist Home Mission Societies with Refit funds to be used for needs of missionaries in transition and for new church planters and congregations with specific outreach ministries to women in need;
    • and more.


    • providing relief provisions to Kachin women and their families living in IDP camps in northern Myanmar (Burma), recently displaced from their homes and churches after military raids on their villages;
    • distributing personal hygiene and clothing kits to 20 girls and women that received repair surgery for obstetric fistulas in Malawi, Africa, restoring dignity and self-worth as they return, healed and whole, to their villages and families;
    • partnering with American Baptist women in an Oregon church to supply books and tuition to strip dancers that want “out” to go back to school;
    • providing protection and care in Haiti to children rescued from “testavek” child slavery;
    • funding a scholarship for an Arab woman to go to seminary at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon, to prepare her for Christian ministry in a Muslim country
    • providing finance training and micro-loans to women in Myanmar to begin small businesses to support their families;
    • funding pastoral leadership training for two women originally from Burma now living in the U.S. (Click here to read about the scholarship recipients.) ;
    • helping an American Baptist missionary pursue a graduate degree in Organizational Development so that she can be even more effective in her ministry overseas to empower women and girls;
    • partnering with an American Baptist church in Maine that began an “I Am Awesome!” camping program for middle school girls to instill self-esteem and help them embrace God’s purpose for their lives;
    • empowering an AB GIRLS National Leadership Team of high school girls and adult mentors to plan and resource ministries for girls in our churches and regions;
    • resourcing leadership development opportunities to empower American Baptist women and girls to grow in leadership skills and serve God in their churches and communities;
    • gifting “refit” funds to new church planters in the U.S. and overseas missionary personnel in transition;
    • breaking the chains of violence against women and girls through projects in Montana, New Jersey, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, and IMA World Health;
    • and sustaining the expanding outreach of AB Women’s Ministries.
    Click here for more information about grants from the Women and Girls Mission Fund, including a downloadable application form and guidelines.

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